Why is olive oil a better choice?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for you.

Doctors recommend replacing saturated fats – such as those from meat, dairy products and vegetables such as coconut, palm kernel and palm oils – with unsaturated fats, particularly extra virgin olive oil. Saturated fats increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, while extra virgin olive oil lowers bad LDL blood cholesterol and raises good HDL blood cholesterol levels.

It is safe, even best, to cook with extra virgin olive oil – especially for frying – and extra virgin olive oil is excellent for dressings and for dipping.

Olive oil has been used since earliest times and has been universally recognized as a delicious and highly nutritious food source.

Extra virgin olive oil contains iron, vitamin E and other important anti-oxidants which combat the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Extra virgin olive oil also contains linolenic acid, the highly nutritious omega-3 acid found in quality fish oils.

Switching from saturated fats to extra virgin olive oil will:

  • Reduce blood pressure and help to maintain a healthy heart and brain;
  • Inhibit the growth of certain cancers;
  • Help control the blood sugar levels of people prone to diabetes;
  • Lessen the severity of arthritis and asthma attacks by helping to produce natural anti-inflammatory agents in the body;
  • Help you maintain a healthy weight.

Experience the health benefits for yourself – switch from fats such as butter and cream to pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil.