Is the extra virgin olive oil from Tasmanian Olive Groves certified organic?

To date, we have not applied for organic certification. However, you can rest assured that the orchard practices at Tasmanian Olive Groves are of the highest standards, commensurate with natural, organic farming.

Our orchard practices

We do not spray for weeds. Instead, sheep roam freely throughout the orchard and they crop grass and weeds beneath the olive trees, while at the same time fertilising the soil.

The Coal River Valley, where we are situated, is one of the premier wine-growing regions in Tasmania and, indeed, in all of Australia. We start with ideal soil and topography, and we have no need to “mess with nature” by introducing industrial fertilizers and pesticides.

We do use minimal amounts of 100% soluble seaplant extract as a bio-stimulant for shoot and root growth, and another marine-based amino acid source to boost plant metabolic processes and improve the stress-tolerance level of the olive trees. These are organic crop protectants, which are safe and sustainable, rather than chemical products.

To control leaf scale we use a minimal amount of Eco-Oil, another organic crop protectant, rather than mineral sprays.

We are confident that our practices would satisfy the most fastidious consumer with legitimate concerns about the need for organic farming and eco-sustainability.

Tasmanian Olive Groves – your assurance of a naturally and sustainably produced extra virgin olive oil.